was recently created to provide the public with a FREE calendar available in the commonly used iCal format to allow easy integration with users’ existing preferred calendar platform.

Here’s a preview of the calendar displayed in Google Calendar-

To utilize the iCal version of this calendar, you can copy & paste the following URL into any calendar product that supports the iCal format-

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We began this project after a thorough google search for a calendar featuring fun, sometimes obscure or lesser known holidays, days of observance/recognition/etc. that we could simply add to the google calendar we already used proved fruitless.

While other lists of such events have previously been compiled, we had no interest in downloading an additional app, adding the events one by one, purchasing a physical calendar, etc.  We simply desired easy access to the information without adjusting our lifestyle.  We love google calendar.  We know people who swear by their outlook calendar and have friends that couldn’t live without the built in calendar in their iPhone.  We had previously easily searched for and added other calendars such as the TV schedule of our favorite sports teams.

Our personal belief is that 365 calendar days exist in a given year.  As such, it just doesn’t sit well with us that over 1,000 “National Days” could be designated.  We worked hard to determine which day was the “true” or most widely recognized “National Day”.  It just doesn’t feel special to see 8 different special holiday designations on any single day.

Thanksgiving is Thanksgiving.  NOBODY considers Thanksgiving to be “National Sardines Day”.  We understand some holidays do not fall on the same date every year and intend to work hard to perpetually provide users accurate dates as well as a clean, streamlined integration.  We find our personal calendars often already are so full of commitments they become visually cumbersome.  With that in mind, some users may not agree with the particular holiday we choose to acknowledge on a given date.

We understand we can’t please everyone, but we are committed to providing a hassle-free, enjoyable, generally un-offensive end user experience and value user-input.  We do not find it is tasteful to celebrate “National Make Your Bed Day” on a day of remembrance such as September 11th or “National Fig Newton Day” on Martin Luther King Day.

We anticipate this project will prove to be a perpetually improving and on-going “work in progress”.   Alerts to clerical, grammatical or errors of any kind are much appreciated.

If you find yourself in need of any technical support we are happy to provide our assistance, free of charge, to the best of our ability.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any suggestions, requests, questions, comments or concerns.


The NatDayCal Team